Hey there! I’m Amanda, the founder of J. Co Threads.

So, a little about me…

I grew-up in Pevely, Missouri. I spent Kindergarten through Senior year in the Dunklin R-V district (go Blackcats!).

After graduating I headed south for 4 years, where I received my bachelors in Graphic Design at Auburn University (War Eagle!).

After college, I came back home, started a long-standing career in advertising, married my high school sweetheart and started a family.

And all of those pieces of me played a part in starting J. Co Threads.

I live in t-shirts. So, one day, I needed a good shirt to throw on to show my support for my daughter’s school (Festus). I don’t even remember what the event was at this point, but I know that I had no idea where to even start looking for a t-shirt. Our local big box store sold a few here and there. But they weren’t very cute. And I work full time, so getting over to the school store when it’s open is next to impossible.

I wanted something simple, that I could dress up or dress down, but still support my local school.

That took me back to my college years. When every time you turned the corner, there was another ‘bookstore’ open to find your next favorite spirit wear.

Why didn’t our local community have something like this?

I searched high and low and asked that question over and over. Never really coming up with a good answer other than, “because nobody has tried.”

So this is my try.

I design every piece you see in our shop and manage our printing partners to make sure our customers get exactly what they ordered.

It’s our goal to create stylish apparel that celebrates local communities. Stuff that you’ll wear beyond Friday night football, or to clean your house in.

We hope to become your next favorite t-shirt.

And that’s how J. Co Threads was born — serving up a simple source for locally inspired t-shirts and more.

But...if we’re really being honest, it’s about so much more than just tshirts and coffee mugs…

It’s about our community.

A visual representation of locking arms with one another and showing off the love we have for our community. It’s about supporting our local school districts, students and small businesses. And that’s why a portion of every purchase made gets donated to those schools, organizations and businesses.

Thank you for being here and for checking us out. We hope you find something you like!

The Kinder Family